Paper Tape’s New Staff Contributor

Paper Tape is pleased to welcome our new staff contributor, Elizabeth C. Creely.

You may remember Elizabeth from the essay we published in October (“Behold the Egg: Tarin Towers and the Making of Ritual“). Now she’s agreed to come back and write a monthly column for Paper Tape about noise/sound.

Elizabeth C. Creely received an MFA from San Francisco State University in 2005 and has been published in The New Hibernia Review, the Dogwood Journal, and The Mississippi Review. Her essays have also appeared in three anthologies: Manifest West: Eccentricities of Geography, New California Writing 2013, and Extended Family: Essays on Being Irish American from the New Hibernia Review. She blogs at Dinnshenchas and lives in San Francisco with her husband.

Check back in tomorrow for the first entry in her column.

Welcome aboard, Elizabeth!

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