Sharing Breath

By Stephen Mead

From the apex of my attic bedroom ceiling, hanging from rainbow yarn, is an inflatable globe.

This sphere has contained the breath of one of my oldest friends for over two decades now. Sometimes, by the light of the moon and street lamps, I can feel it glowing way beyond my insomnia. It’s as if the multi-colored continents themselves also were breathing, spinning ever top-like in the minute respiration of their surrounding oceans. These are mint green in shade now, their blue more faded than jeans. At the axis on the globe’s base, a series of clocks tell of time zones world-wide. With each breath of the globe, they seem to tick and tick.

How many are awake right now, aware of this planet’s inhalations and exhalations? How like a body it is, the fire in its belly bringing oxygen up and out for us all. How many travelers we are over its surface, our backpacks, our belongings, carried the way insects carry bits of leaves, stems and nourishment. How many of us are immigrants, really, and which earthly possessions will we be allowed to carry over what checkpoints? Which will we have to let go of?

Package string, tape and brown paper.

Museums, garage sales and antique road shows…

Hovering over this life, the mad attic dweller, self-cloistered to a fault, I wonder what will become of us, our species, and our generations to come.

In a photo album tucked beside my bed is an image I took of my friend adding air to the globe when it was beginning to go soft again. I picture that image, her intent somewhat humorous expression, her hands on either side of that plastic earth, and like a prayer I hope the energy of our intentions are more than ephemera as the revolution of ages spin.

A resident of NY, Stephen Mead is a published artist, writer, maker of short collage-films and poetry/music mp3s. Much can be learned of his multi-media work by placing his name in any search engine. His latest project-in-progress, a collaborative effort with composer Kevin MacLeod, is entitled “Whispers of Arias“, a two volume download of narrative poems sung to music. His latest Amazon release, ““Weightless”, a poetry-art hybrid, is a meditation on mortality and perseverance. “Sharing Breath” is an excerpt from a larger work “A Thousand Beautiful Things (A Life in Two Hallways & Four Small Rooms)”, currently in search of a publisher.

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