Editor’s Note: Things are changing over on our tumblr!

As you may know, we feature previously unpublished work exclusively at papertapemag.com. We made the decision to work this way not because we think that self-publishing is “bad” but because we believe that the loudest voices aren’t always the ones who have the most important things to say, that being tech savvy and comfortable with self-promotion shouldn’t be a requirement for publishing on the Internet, and having the time to sift through the firehose shouldn’t be a requirement for reading good essays and fiction.

Of course, there are many artists and writers who participate on sites like tumblr who are not the loudest voices or comfortable with self-promotion and who are not comfortable working with a traditional publishing model, either. Some of them are too busy making art and telling stories to bother submitting their work. Others are avid supporters of Creative Commons and resent the terms of traditional publishing.

We get it, and we want to support these creators, too.

Thanks to our new social media editor, Cai, we have started using our tumblr to share previously published work by artists and writers that is related to our theme. Work that is published on our tumblr will still be vetted by our staff, so you can expect the same level of quality that you find on papertapemag.com.

So, I hope you will check it out, and if you do, please take a minute to welcome Cai.

PS If you’re reading this on tumblr, this is the last time papertapemag.com will repost to tumblr, so you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or sign up to get new posts in your inbox.

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