Paper Tape’s New Staff Contributor

Back in June, we published an interview with Maya Lionne. In the interview, we discussed Maya’s novel-in-progress, There Are No Butterflies in Salem, a story about Tolya Serimanov, a teenager growing up in Salem, Oregon, and his transition from Tolya to Tanya Serra.

Since the interview, Maya has started working on The LaCroix Diaries, a collection of stories set in the Butterflies universe, and has agreed to serialize it for Paper Tape over the next year or so.

Maya is a genderqueer author and professor of writing, currently living in Portland, Oregon. Their work has appeared in The Pitkin Review Literary MagazinePaper Tape, and Soul’s Road: a Fiction Collection (although you might not know it was them.) They enjoy musty old books, giant robots, and model tanks.

Please welcome Maya and check back in tomorrow for the first installment of The Lacroix Diaries.

Paper Tape’s New Contributing Editor

Harmony Button, Contributing Editor

Harmony Button, Contributing Editor

Paper Tape is pleased to welcome our new contributing editor, Harmony Button.

Harmony joins us from Utah where she is English Department Chair of the Waterford School. She has been nominated for Pushcart and Best of the Web awards, and was awarded the Larry Levis Prize (Academy of American Poets). She attended Middlebury College and has an MFA from the University of Utah. Links to her work can be found at

For Paper Tape, she will be writing a monthly column and editing a new feature that will be open to submissions in December.

Check back in tomorrow for the first entry in her column.

Welcome aboard, Harmony!

Call for Submissions

Paper Tape is looking for art, stories, essays, interviews, and reviews to be published in early 2014.

The theme for this reading period is Epiphanies.

As always, we appreciate work that stretches the boundaries of our theme, so break out your etymology dictionary and get creative!

Deadline: November 30, 2013

For more information, see our guidelines.