Things We Do And Do Not Want

This page will be updated throughout the reading period, so check back before submitting. We will also announce changes on Twitter.

Send us:

  • Update (6/25): Essays. We have not received any essay submissions yet for this issue.
  • Seasonal/holiday (October-March)
    • Halloween/Solstice
    • Thanksgiving
    • December Holidays (esp. Christmas ghost stories ala MR James/BBC)
    • New Year
  • Diversity
  • Travel/place writing (esp. outside the United States)

Do not send us:

  • Update (7/30): Religious content (especially humor), even if the story/essay is not religious.
  • Update (7/30): Stories about returning to an old home or running into an old friend after years away.
  • Anything sexist, racist, or homophobic. (Yes, this needs to be said.)
  • Fables, morality tales, stories intended to teach life lessons.
  • Conspiracies.
  • Family drama, break-ups/divorce, and “my partner is cheating.”
  • Stories where the status quo needs to be disrupted, but everyone decides to pretend everything is okay.